Welcome to Oakville Gaming Club.


The Oakville Gaming Club is a very small gathering of local persons sharing a hobby: board games. We are all very flexible and easy to get along with. We welcome all gamers from novice to experienced, but are looking for "serious" gamers. Very various kinds of persons are enriching the interaction in the games, making it fun, rewarding, surprising, educational, challenging, a real experience in itself to wash away sorrows of the day-to-day life.


Our main goal is to have fun, but with respect of each other in mind. We play mostly board games and card games, involving family, strategy, resource management, heroic-fantasy, history with a French and German touch (see games collection). Occasionally we organize a LAN party of videogames of strategy. We also research and design variants to good games. You are cordially invited to bring your own games for pick-up play or Game of the Week. There is also space available for role-playing campaigns.


We meet Saturdays at 1pm and run until between 6pm and 10pm. Sometimes we meet more often while on holidays.


We promote a positive mental attitude, good sportsmanship, fair play, flexibility, open mindedness, relax, cool atmosphere, patience and communication. We provide many games, but also ask that members bring their favourites to share with the group. We are always willing to teach and learn new games.

Code of conduct:

Open to everyone, more than 7 years old.

Please clarify how long you intend on staying. Some games can not be finished within a few hours, to know in advance makes the organization better.

You found it clean on arrival, please leave it clean when you leave. No littering.

No advertisement, promotion, sales of games, real money or anything else. It's only a hobby, not a commerce, not a business.

No cheating. Cheating is not fair play. Real gamers accept their defeat and learn from it. The pride of a gamer is to have all people having fun, giving everybody equal chances to win, by providing suggestions and advices.

No illegal activity tolerated. No weapon, no thief, no smoking, no alcohol, no disguise, it's not a sport, boxing ring, a show nor a pub. It's a gamers meeting.


Admission is free, but please bring your food / beverage with you to share for others.
Since the access is filtered, the external door is locked. To enter, you need to become a member first. Send an e-mail where you identify / present yourself and explain your motivation / expectations. Then we will exchange e-mails, phone numbers. Then we meet in a public place to chat and make sure expectations are clearly stated. Then to come in, just phone before, to warn about your arrival and to make sure there is somebody to open the door.

Parent or gamer, please contact us at:

Brockberry Crescent Oakville ON L6M4T3 CANADA


Some expressions in this website could refer to intellectual property not owned by the Oakville Games Club. If this is the case, they are used only to indicate and inform about the kind of products we use as a hobby, not as a business. We claim no ownership to products mentionned here, they belong to their respective gaming industry businesses, publishers, manufacturers. Nevertheless, each and every material on the website may not be reproduced in any form without express written permission of the Oakville Games Club or the author.



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