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Astrophysics - Stephen Hawking - audio

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Astrophysics - Stephen Hawking

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Theory of Everything

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Introduction (in French)


If everything is in balance in the universe, and if there is matter and antimatter, where is gone all the antimatter? Is it out there, in a kind of anti-universe made up of antimatter, with living beings made up of anti particules? We'll never know unless we build a telescope made-up of antimatters and make up tools to translate antimatter darklight into visible light for us human beings.

Currently the universe is expanding, galaxies appearing to get further and further from each others (light wave reaching us is turning to red due to the Doppler effect (noise of a train approaching then getting away once passed)). But because of the supreme law of gravity, all those galaxies will reverse way and come back onto a central point of the universe, if and only if there is a lot of dark matter in the visible universe. If there is so much massive dark matter (like black holes) then the density of the universe will be enough to have a reverse move of the galaxies, back to one another. If there is not much dark matter, then the universe will expand infinitely.

Where is going all the matter that is swallowed by black holes? Does it reappear anywhere else, like new stars?


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