"Show me how you play, I'll tell you who you are"

The psychotherapy through the medium of the game is called "ludotherapy". It consists in

using the increased motivation due to playing a game, which increase the strength, involvement and the association into the activity, thus opening more easily the inhibited closed doors limiting the maze mind system.

using the buffer medium between oneself problems and the real world to enhance a dissociated perception of bad feeling related to situations, ease up on the stress, shield oneself, releasing constraints, unleashing creativity. This layer acts as an hypnotic attention catcher which can then allow channeling into the subconsciousness some therapeutic changes, deep in the value system of the person.

using the principle of a simulation of the real world, micro-reality much more under control, with less perceived constraints, more flexibility, more focus, more depth, simulation where success parterns can be tested, improved and tuned up.

Handling the value system of a person, with all the delicate, cautious, respectuous and precise operations, allows many things like fighting depression, clarifying the life goal, fighting traumatisms like phobia, death of a close family member, victim of aggression, low self-esteem and all kinds of behavioural limits.


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